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Buying a House

Look at Properties

Now that you are actively looking at properties and going on showing appointments with your agent, you should expect them to be performing the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Preview any properties on behalf of Buyer

  • Contact listing agent and obtain additional details about property that are not in listing

  • Escort Buyer to Open houses and/or instruct Buyer as to which properties are of interest

  • Remain poised to make an offer on behalf of Buyer

  • Assist Buyer in making actual offer on property of Buyer’s choice

  • Remain knowledgeable about all aspects of sales contracts and what regulations apply to the sale

  • Remain knowledgeable about all city and county regulations

  • Explain to Buyer all terms, conditions and contingencies of the contract

  • Ability to handle several offers if necessary and ability to explain escalation clauses to Buyer

  • Ability to negotiate offer(s)

  • Prepare counter offers

  • Ability to get the contract ratified and delivered to appropriate parties on time

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