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Key in the Lock

Settlement and

Move In

Final Walk-Through Inspection:

The final inspection usually takes place a day before, or the day of the Settlement. You will visit the property to verify that all is in working order, everything is the same as when you last viewed the property, that there are no extra items left behind, and that everything included in your purchase is still at the property.


Generally, the title officer will have provided the Closing Documents three days in advance for both the Buyer and Seller to review. The Closing Documents summarize in detail the financial costs associated with both the sale and the purchase of the property. At the actual Settlement, the Buyer and the Seller will sign this statement certifying its accuracy. If you are obtaining financing, you will have to sign all pertinent documentation required by the lending institution. If you are unable to attend the scheduled Settlement, arrangements can be made with the title company. All funds associated with the transaction are handled by the title company and are generally wired to their escrow account. The Seller should arrange to have all property keys and copies of invoices by licensed contractors for any completed repair work as a result of the inspections to deliver to the Buyer at Settlement.  During the final phase of the transaction, you should expect your agent to perform the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Contact Settlement company and lender

  • Arrange for Settlement

  • Coordinate and send notices to all parties

  • Manage any concurrent settlements

  • Prepare Buyer for settlement, if needed

  • Stay in close communication with Selling Agent, Buyer, Title Company and Lender to insure that all details are known

  • Schedule and attend pre-settlement inspection or walk-through.

  • Ability to handle last minute problems as a result of the walk-through

  • Attend closing with Buyer and provide copies of all documentation for Buyer

  • Make sure keys, etc. are received by Buyer

  • Be readily available to handle any unforeseen situations

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