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Select Real Estate Agent

Buying a property requires making many important financial decisions, understanding complex issues and completing a lot of paperwork. You should select an expert when undertaking such a large purchase. A good real estate agent will guide you through the property purchasing process and will also provide you with access to property listings before they hit the general market. Interview the agent to discover whether they are a full-time agent who has experience completing transactions similar to yours, is familiar with the areas in which you are interested, has a proven track record of sales transactions and​ who listens attentively to your needs and concerns. Pick an agent with whom you feel comfortable. Once you have selected your agent they should begin by performing the following:

  • Meet and interview the Buyer

  • Collect data about the Buyer and their specific needs

  • Make a Buyers presentation by providing an analysis of a variety of properties to ascertain more accurately the Buyers tastes, desires, location, budget, etc.

  • Prepare the Buyer Broker Agreement and explain it to the Buyer

  • Ratify the Agreement between the Buyer and the Broker​

  • Offer to set up Automatic E-mail Search Service for Buyer

  • Follow-up with additional properties until both Buyer and Agent have a comfort level that ensures Buyer that the agent has full and complete understanding of their wishes

  • Follow market on a daily basis to stay informed about properties which meet Buyer criteria

  • Ability to work within the parameters established by the Buyer

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